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How to Be A Proactive Traveller during a Pandemic (Hint: Don’t Panic!)

Raise your hand if you have been plotting your escape from COVID house-arrest? These certainly are starting to feel like desperate times. The urge to make a pandemic prison break is real. But then, reality sets in: travel restrictions; quarantine rules; negative test after negative test. Is it worth the hassle? I am talking to you, with your trigger finger on the mouse click and your other hand opening the carry-on. Thinking about and organizing a a trip during these COVID times seems more stressful than actually planning the trip itself. But with the right attitude and preparation, it does not have to be! Based on my years in the hospitality industry as well as what I have experienced with my guests in the past year, I have several insights that can help make scheming—I mean, planning—your next getaway a Bahama (or bed & breakfast) breeze. These are my steps for planning a safe and (as) hassle-free as possible getaway:

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